Friday, 8 August 2008

Question of the day…

So... I just saw ANOTHER of those supermarket price comparison adverts on tele. Suddenly it struck me - Why don’t ASDA have one of those loyalty-stroke-club-card dealies?

Sainsbury’s have Nectar, Tesco have their Club Card, ASDA have nothing.

Aren't loyalty cards the thing of the moment. Waterstones have one, WHSmith have one, Boots have the Advantage Card... need I say more? Is there a reason that bosses at ASDA have disregarded this as an essential customer retention and marketing opportunity.

Don't get me wrong. I shop at ADSA more than the other supermarkets, but it would be nice to have some recognition and reward for it surely.


Alabe Smith said...

I disagree. I believe Asda should not bring out a loyalty card because then this would encourage the drinking of their Smartprice £3.99 'Wine in a box.'

Something that I believed at first to be an urban myth but have encountered it first hand now and spending 3 days with the overwhelming fear that your insides are being slowly stripped away is heart wrenching.

AS xoxo

Babs said...

I'm not trying to promote cheap alcohol, and I don't think a loyalty card would encourage this.

Loyalty card or no loyalty card what people drink is their choice.

Perhaps you believe it would encourage underage drinking? However, Asda now ID anyone who looks under 25 - and quite frankly, if someone chooses smartprice alcohol, on their own heads be it.

I've never seen this 'wine in a box', and after your glowing recommendation I would avoid it like the plague. Also, if I could point out that most smartprice alcohol is only around half the strength of regular alcohol (not sure about the wine though) so it's a bit of a false economy to buy it really.

But since food prices are rising, wouldn't it be nice to get something back from your regular supermarket?